Our House: Last Best Bets @ Southgate House

An era has come to an end.

While I agree that a house does not make a home, Southgate House has been the home for local, national and international musicians for the past thirty years, and it is sad, indeed, that we must make our last pilgrimages to this institute in the coming weeks.

To aid you along your trek to find musical mecca, I’ve compiled a list of the “Last Best Bets”; that is, the final opportunities you will have to see a wide variety of heartfelt, awesome music performed at this historic venue.

Artist in Residence: Evans Collective

Southgate House has provided a platform for local musicians/bands to perform every week, strengthening their audience and gaining new fans, on each Wednesday of their given month. The month of December belongs to Evans Collective. A folky, indie-electronic outfit, comprised of five core musicians, Evans Collective is engaging and addictive. Their vocal harmonies are my favorite part of seeing them live, and I highly recommend checking them out in the cozy atmosphere of Juney’s Lounge.

Whole House Show: Bikes Are Not Boats

The first time I saw a whole house show at Southgate House, I thought I was getting away with murder. I got to see twelve different local bands in one place? For one price? Pinch me. This Friday, December 9, is another one of those every-room-filled shows, with sixteen (SIXTEEN!) bands playing:

Mad Anthony
The Dukes Are Dead
Mala In Se
Knife The Symphony
Switchblade Syndicate
The Mudpies
Swear Jar
New Strange
Future Strikes
Skeleton Hands
Old City (Sammy McKee)
Pure Predication
Black Signal

Um, yes, please. A rock and roll mish-mash lineup that includes old and surely-to-be new favorites? I’ll see you all there. Where? Everywhere. Upstairs, downstairs, in the ballroom, by the bar, in front of the bathrooms, on the porch…

*Tickets are $5, and proceeds benefit a local musician struggling with medical bills. Nice on you all, guys.

New Kids on the Block: Pomegranates w/Vito Emmanuel, Belle Histoire and The Yugos

Thursday, December 22= a chance to see four local bands simmering on the buzz burners; The Pomegranates just performed at the 2011 Cincinnati Entertainment Awards, brand new Vito Emmanuel celebrating their album release, Belle Histoire is hauntingly magnetic, and The Yugos are some of the freshest, loudest garage-pop-rock kids out there.

Last New Year’s Eve Blow Out: The Dopamines’ Five-Year Anniversary Show

The Dopamines
Dear Landlord
Be My Doppelganger
New Creases
White Walls
Frankl Project
Army Coach
Billy Wallace and the virginia blues
Billy Catfish orchestra
Wonky Tonk
Pop Empire

This show is sold-out, and that’s a shame for those that don’t have tickets, because I can’t think of a better way to say ‘goodbye’ to 2011 and the Southgate House than by listening to amazing local music in that beautiful building one last time. There will be tons of YouTube videos, I’m sure. Can I smuggle in some champagne? Actually, scratch that. A Tommy Gun to salute the evening at midnight will do just fine.